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MCC is a coin specially made for long term safe investments. By combining all aspects of the crypto world in just one place. In the course of the years we have seen all coins going up and down on the charts, but not one of them has only gone up, till now. 

As you may be wondering how we did this, it’s actually quite simple, MCC is designed by a group of people who combined there strengths in the world of cryptocurrency, this includes miners, traders and hodlers. With that combination we started to have a critical look at crypto’s and decided that the only way a miner can guarantee his success is if there are people managing his assets 24/7. This is exactly what we have managed to do with MCC. 

How it works, a miners exchanges his coins and buys MCC, that MCC coin that he has bought will grant him an annual POS revenue of 100%, the coin price of MCC will always remain the same, 0,25- cents a piece. So if you would buy 4000 coins that are worth 25 cents, in exactly one year time you will have 8000 coins that are worth 25 cents a piece. 

At this point you may be wondering how we are able to do that, well let me explain: We have joined forces with full time traders and investors who’s fulltime jobs are to trade crypto currencies and examen every crypto trade before its made, as a foundation and an extra insurance for the market capital, we will also setup multiple masternodes.